*Information on a fire?

Please contact your local Fire Department or Law Enforcement.

Contact the State Fire Marshall’s Office at 800-589-2728.

Columbus Fire Department at 614-645-TIPS (8477).

Cleveland Fire Department at 216-664-6380.

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS (8477).

Tri State (SW Ohio) Crime Stoppers at 888-352-3040.

Cuyahoga County Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463.

Blue Ribbon Arson Committee

In 1973, the Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association founded the Blue Ribbon Arson Committee (BRAC) for the purpose of bringing together in a working liaison Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and Insurance Industry Personnel to combat the crime of arson. Since its inception, the chairman of BRAC has been the chief of the State Arson Bureau of Ohio.

Reward Program

Since 1978, the Blue Ribbon Arson Committee has sponsored a Reward Fund. Rewards are provided to the person or persons who come forward with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for setting fires. Nominations are made by the local investigators charged with investigating incendiary fires, prosecutors or any representative of an insurance company licensed to write insurance in Ohio. BRAC provides a large red, white and blue sign for posting on the damaged property. The local investigator will put their contact information on the sign so contact can be made. The person who is informing the law enforcement can remain anonymous if desired.

Since 1978, BRAC has issued 546 rewards, $672,500 in reward payments that helped solve at least 720 fires. Over 260 of these fires were direct attempts to defraud the insurance industry. The total savings to the industry is in excess of $11.5 million.

Anti-Arson Grants & Scholarships

Each year, BRAC provides Anti-Arson Equipment or Scholarship Grants to two of the investigators who nominated reward applicants the previous year. The grant of up to $1000 can be used to purchase equipment or education that will assist in the fight against arson.

For more information on the Ohio Blue Ribbon Arson Committee, please see the Contact section of this website.